My Life with PHP

Tools To Work With PHP

1) WAMP:

(Stands for Windows APACHE MYSQL and PHP),these tool Supports Windows OS


(LINUX APACHE MYSQL and PHP). If can run under LINUX OS.


(For any Operating system,APACHE,MYSQL,PHP & PERL) All these tools are open source tools available with different,Extensions.

Installation of PHP:(xamp1.7.2):

After Installation of XAMP, we can find out XAMP folder in the Destination Locations Number of subfolders.
How to run a Program in Other Drive?

=>c:drive->xamp->apache->conf->httpd->ctr+f->press g times=>Documents root"F:/PHP"

  • HtDocs:
  • It is the root directory of APCHE Server,All PHP Programs we should save at this location.

  • Tmp:
  • It is temporary memory location of server, All uploded files and sessions will store of this location.

  • Apache:
  • Apache contains Apache configuration settings. php.ini is configuration settings file of PHP

  • MySql:
  • MYSQL contains mysql configuratin settings my.ini is configuration settings file.

    Steps to create and excute PHP Program:

    1. Open editor and impliment PHP script using script declaration style tags.
    2. Save this file in the root directory with extention PHP.
    3. Open XAMP control panel & start Apache server.
    4. Open browser and send the request to the server to get the output of PHP file.